What games can I play with my controller?

To find out whether a game supports your controller you need to read its description in the Mac App Store, instruction manual, or in-game options menu

Feel free to contact us about a specific game, emulator or platform (ie.: Steam) for more information.

Feral Interactive is responsible for porting most of today's console games to OS X, and a majority of these titles support Bluetooth controllers. Visit the Feral Interactive support site to determine which of their games support the your controller. Feel free to contact us with specific issues, as there are many workarounds we've been seeing on various forums.'

Games on Steam are supposed to be working out of the box once you've managed to properly connect your controller. Besides you might experience game and controller specific issues. As an example, we've found an article about "Using an XBox 360 Controller with Source Games" (Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2, and Left 4).

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