Other Controllers

Recently we're collecting issues about connecting all types of controllers. Feel free to contact us with your problem, as we might already have a solution.

Input modes: X / D switch

Large number of controllers support two input modes: XInput and DirectInput. You can switch between the modes by locating and changing a physical swich somewhere on the controller.

D - DirectInput can be used without installing any 3rd party drivers. You only need to be sure that your controller is switched to D mode by using the switch. It is a common issue that the controller fails to connect az it is not in D mode. Most games with controller support for Mac require D mode.

X - XInput is a modern gamepad standard on Windows. There can be cases when X mode is supported by a game. By using X mode your controller will probably be deteced as an XBox 360 controller.
To use your controller in X mode on your Mac, you need to install an additional free driver called 360 Controllers. Download 360Controller

MFi Game Controllers (SteelSeries, Horipad, Mad Catz - full list)

Apple's MFi ("Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad") is a licensing program for developers. Mac apps compatible with OS X 10.9 or later have the possibility to support MFi devices. In general it is very simple to connect an MFi device to your Mac through Bluetooth pairing, but very few game developers build in MFi controller support for Mac (only a few games ported from iOS).

Recently Joystic Doctor does not recognize MFi only devices (but it is on our todo list:). Some controllers (SteelSeries Stratus XL, Nimbus) will show up in the controller list (as an USB Hid device), but the main reason games don't support them is that they don't have enough buttons.

We recommend you to contact game developers directly for more details about their MFi controller support plans.

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