Logitech Controllers

Logitech has three game controllers namely: F310, F510 and F710.
They can all be connected to your Mac and support two different input modes: XInput (X), DirectInput (D). These modes are selected using the switch located on the controller. Read more about the input modes

Steps to connect your controller

X mode: to use your controller in X mode, you need to install an additional free driver called 360 Controllers. Download 360Controller
D mode: You only need to be sure that your controller is switched to D mode by using the switch.

F310 and F510 simply needs to be plugged into your Mac. Press the Logitech button for 2 seconds, to connect your controller.

To connect F710, first you need to unplug the nano-receiver. Then hold down the “Logitech” logo button on the gamepad while simultaneously plugging the nano receiver into a USB port on your Mac.

To verify that your controller is connected you can check the controller list of Joystick Doctor, and test the buttons if you wish.

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