Joystick Doctor - Get yout game on

Joystick Doctor is the perfect tool to help you play games with a controller on your Mac. Easily connect and visualize the layout of your Xbox, Playstation, Wii controllers, joysticks, gamepads and a lot more.

Drivers, downloads and links for Joystick Doctor

Below you'll find links to download drivers and apps to connect your controller.

360 Controllers
Download the latest release of the driver from GitHub.
After downloading the .dmg file, simply mount it (double click) and run the installer. Keep in mind that your Mac has to reboot after the installation. After rebooting your Mac, you’ll notice that you can find “Xbox 360 Controllers” in the System Preferences.

Xbox Wireless Gaming Receiver by Microsoft
Order the original receiver from Microsoft Store.

Download the latest release of the driver from GitHub.
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